Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wardrobe Challenge: Day 1

This month, for shits and giggles, my friend and I decided to take on WhoWhatWear's 30-day wardrobe challenge. We fancy ourselves fairly fashion-conscious and seem to be constantly texting each other about (what we think are) interesting fashion topics ("Are wedge sneakers still in?" "Does this hat look too much like a trucker hat?"), so we thought this would be a fun exercise to learn a bit about our fashion proclivities and to help us "think outside the box," fashion-wise.

The Day 1 challenge was to "Wear a Bright Color Combo." I didn't find a whole lot of bright colors in my closet, so I grabbed pretty much the only loud pieces of clothing I could see -- a hot pink silk blouse and bright red midi skirt. I've always loved pink and red together, so this was actually a great twist of fate. Did I worry about wearing such attention-grabbing clothing to work? Definitely. Did I shrug it off because, honestly, who really cares about what I wear to work (besides me)? Oh for sure. My resolve wasn't even shaken when someone I encountered that day told me that I looked like Valentine's Day! Whatevs, sounds like a good reason to eat some chocolate. :)

Anyhow, below are some snaps from Day 1. Initially, I wanted to wear the red patent leather pumps with studs and three ankle straps but I had to draw the line somewhere. That just didn't seem right in the office. So, I compromised with a pair of black and white python pumps, which I paired with a long, thin string of pearls.

What I wanted to wear: killer studded pumps in red patent leather.

What I wound up wearing: python white and black pumps.
Stay tuned for more updates from the wardrobe challenge!

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  1. I can appreciate your having trouble finding anything colorful in your closet - I have been accused by a certain 28 year old relative of only owning earth tones (and black for course). Looking forward to further updates - the hot pink and red look good. Also appreciate the mention of chocolate as I do consider this a food blog:)