Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Spring 2014 Trends I'm Loving

I've been watching the trends emerging for Spring 2014, and here's what I'm LOVING:

(1) EAR CUFFS. I want!
(2) PUMPED-UP KICKS (sneakers) and JAZZY PUMPS (a term coined by a funny fashionista friend).
(3) MIDI SKIRTS: Very pretty, very Kate Middleton (especially after Granny's mandate to bring the hemlines down, which I think Kate heeded because look at this). I recently wrote about one of my midi skirts in this post too.

(4) LARIAT NECKLACES: Different shape, very cool.

(5) FRENCH-INSPIRED GRAPHIC TEES: Saying "Oh la la!" "Oui Oui!" and "Je t'aime!" The list goes on...


(8) CROP TOPS: So mignon, if you have the bod (ahem, working on that…).
(9) FRINGE: Think Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Oscars. It's on bags, it's on's everywhere!
(10) POLKA DOTS: Soooooo Pretty Woman (the elegant lady friend at the polo match, not the hooker with the runner in her non-existent pantyhose). Love the Michael Kors polka dot look with the signature looped belt.

What Spring trends are you loving? Let me know!

p.s. - Also, did you see that culottes are also coming back soon? *shudder*

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wardrobe Challenge: Day 1

This month, for shits and giggles, my friend and I decided to take on WhoWhatWear's 30-day wardrobe challenge. We fancy ourselves fairly fashion-conscious and seem to be constantly texting each other about (what we think are) interesting fashion topics ("Are wedge sneakers still in?" "Does this hat look too much like a trucker hat?"), so we thought this would be a fun exercise to learn a bit about our fashion proclivities and to help us "think outside the box," fashion-wise.

The Day 1 challenge was to "Wear a Bright Color Combo." I didn't find a whole lot of bright colors in my closet, so I grabbed pretty much the only loud pieces of clothing I could see -- a hot pink silk blouse and bright red midi skirt. I've always loved pink and red together, so this was actually a great twist of fate. Did I worry about wearing such attention-grabbing clothing to work? Definitely. Did I shrug it off because, honestly, who really cares about what I wear to work (besides me)? Oh for sure. My resolve wasn't even shaken when someone I encountered that day told me that I looked like Valentine's Day! Whatevs, sounds like a good reason to eat some chocolate. :)

Anyhow, below are some snaps from Day 1. Initially, I wanted to wear the red patent leather pumps with studs and three ankle straps but I had to draw the line somewhere. That just didn't seem right in the office. So, I compromised with a pair of black and white python pumps, which I paired with a long, thin string of pearls.

What I wanted to wear: killer studded pumps in red patent leather.

What I wound up wearing: python white and black pumps.
Stay tuned for more updates from the wardrobe challenge!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Brown Bag Lunches

I'm a big fan of brown-bagging it for lunch, for several reasons: it's cheap, it helps me avoid the cafeteria's often less-than-appetizing and/or highly caloric options, and I know where the food came from. Lots of people claim to not have the time to pack a lunch in the morning, but I think it's possible -- easy, even -- for the most time-crunched folks. The key? Plan ahead. Cook meals you know will yield leftovers (this is easy for me, since it's just me and my husband and most recipes serve at least 4) and package up the leftovers in easy, portable (preferably glass) containers as soon as you're done eating it the first time around. Then, in the morning, it's really as simple as grabbing and going.

The following are some of my favorite brown bag lunches:

When I don't have leftovers handy for brown-bagging, I tend to rely on Amy's Organic frozen meals, which I talked about a while back (click here).